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Services Offering

 Senior Care International offers the one stop solution as following:

 Sevelopment and Design

 System Installation

 Daily Management

 Home Care Franchise

Staff Training

 Development & Design

 System Installation

 Daily Management

 Home Care
Franchise Program

 Staff Training

  • Delopment & Design of senior care campus

The development and design stage is extremely important to the success of the project. The acquisition and lending of the land and the building needs a preliminary feasibility study and architectural design, so both the seller and the buyer or the lessor and the leases understand the uses and have the comfort level of the development.

We have exclusive representation of Irwin Partners Architects in Taiwan. Irwin Partners Architects is the most outstanding architectural firm in United States. They specialize in senior care facility design. If the design is not correct, it will nither be usable for seniors nor be efficient for operation. The extra cost it may incur is not worth the risk. Our campus is our residents’ home. We need to provide an environment to their needs, which include physical living, recreational activities, mental and spiritual needs.  In addition, the environment has to meet the standards for medical and personal care. An inexperienced architect will not be able to provide the same services we require.

We will coordinate all the services to ensure that we have the professionals to provide a complete outlook and design of the future project.

  • System Installation

Senior Care International set a high standard for quality assurance. We have a set of written policies and procedures and software program for daily operation, accounting and marketing. To ensure a success, each department is cross connected. We preset a well-defined structure to target the goal of efficiency and profitability, and most importantly the satisfaction and happiness of our residents.

  • Daily Management

We manage hospital, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing care, and Alzheimer care facilities. We are dedicated to building “community”.  It is where everyone, our residents, families and staff, interact and are committed to each other’s well-being. Our communities are where friendships are made, laughter is shared, and grieving is not done alone. We offer individualized service plan. We preserve the dignity to our seniors.

We know who the real heroes are. We have the privilege of seeing heroes every day – our own care staff. These people give of themselves lovingly in order to help our residents. They give their love and they get love back. They are our heroes. We continue to train them and honor them. We try our best to promote within the company.

All of our activities are meaningful for our residents’ health and spiritual needs. Among them, food is our best activity. Meals have to be good nourishment and health.

Access to healthcare is easy in our communities. The physicians come to the building and see our residents.  We will provide transportation so that the outside appointments can be obtained.

Experience and expertise doesn’t build in one day.  The accumulated knowledge and system was dripped into a pot and slowly it becomes a solid gold. We apply what we have learned over the last 30 years in our daily operation. Our care staff and management personnel focus on every detail to ensure the success of our communities.

  • The Staff Train Program

We have training programs for management staff, nurses, nursing assistant, and companions. One is for before job training. The other one is for continuous in-service training. We issue certificates for different trainings. We also use point system to help recognize the staff for their endeavors.

  • Franchise program for home health, home care and home medical equipment.

We are starting up our franchise home care program. The detail will be announced in a later date


Management Focus:

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Individualized Service Plan
  • Medication Management
  • Transportation Services
  • Spiritual Services